Cholesterol in needs to be managed effectively. When you have high cholesterol, it can lead to a variety of other problems – such as heart disease. If you have recently been to the doctor and they told you that you need to work on lowering your cholesterol, it’s important for you to follow doctor’s orders. A variety of healthy foods can be incorporated into your daily diet to ensure cholesterol is managed more effectively.

Eat Better Foods to Reduce Cholesterol in

There is a long list of foods that you should be eating if you want to reduce cholesterol in . First, it begins with learning about the foods that you shouldn’t be eating. This includes cutting out all of the different trans fats including margarine, store-bought cookies, cake, and various fried foods that will affect your bad cholesterol levels.

High-fiber foods such as oatmeal and oat bran can reduce your LDL, otherwise known as your bad cholesterol. Oatmeal and oat bran are so good for you because it contains soluble fiber. In addition to these foods, you will also be able to find this kind of fiber in kidney beans, barley, prunes, and even apples and pears. The reason you want to consume these foods is because it will reduce the absorption of cholesterol in your bloodstream.

Fish and Omega-3 fatty acids should also be a primary focus when you are trying to reduce cholesterol in . Fatty fish such as mackerel, herring, salmon, and halibut are great foods to help lower your blood pressure and even reduce the risk of blood clots. If you are not a fan of seafood, you will be able to take omega-3 or fish oil supplements in order to obtain some of the benefits. Even if you do take the supplements, you will still be missing out on some of the nutrients you get in fish – such as selenium.

In terms of other foods to help reduce cholesterol, you will want to eat a lot of different not. This includes walnuts as well as almonds. They are rich in polyunsaturated fatty acid and they can help to keep your blood vessels healthy.

You will also want to try and incorporate more foods fortified with sterols. This is a substance found in plants and it will block the absorption of cholesterol. More juice and various yogurt drinks will contain plant sterols to help lower your LDL – which means heading to the juice bar at Health Food Shoppe can be just what the doctor ordered.

Learn Where to Buy Better Foods for Cholesterol in

So you know what kinds of food you should be buying to improve your cholesterol in , but do you know where to buy it? You won’t be able to find all of the different food you should be eating at the regular grocery store. This is because much of what is on the shelves in the grocery store is responsible for your high cholesterol – processed foods are notoriously high in trans fats. You can stay away from these simply by learning where to shop.

When you visit Health Food Shoppe in Brighton Beach, you will be able to find an array of different foods to choose from. This includes fresh produce, organic products, supplements to help with your cholesterol in , and much more. You can visit the juice bar for fresh orange juice and ensure that it is fortified with the sterols you need, too.