There’s nothing quite like a personalized, custom, professional Home Theater Installation. Designed correctly, and with the proper components, the Home Theater Installation experience immerses the viewer, conveys productions like nothing else, and presents everything from broadcasts to games in the best manner possible.
Home Theater Installation, basically, involves a stunning high-definition image either projected cinematically onto a screen, or rendered in crisp detail on an HD flat panel TV, and a multi-channel sound system. Focused around the image, professional Home Theater Installation addresses the audience’s position within the room, thereby prescribing the proper display type and size. In a projection scenario, Home Theater Installation will address screen size and height, along with reflectivity specifications, as well as performance characteristics and placement of a high definition video projector. Custom applications can include motorized screens and projector lifts, allowing theses major components to vanish from sight when not in use. Home Theater Installation applications implementing flat panel TVs require the professional treatment as well, with placement, wire-concealment, size, and performance characteristics being the mandate for an immersive visual experience.
Multi-channel sound systems include surround processors designated to guide specific portions of a soundtrack to specific speakers placed throughout the Home Theater Installation. With ample power, these processors, along with as few as six, and sometimes as many as eleven loudspeakers carefully positioned throughout the room, envelope, direct, and literally grab and hold the attention of the audience. Intimate dialogue is seemingly whispered in your ear, objects are sonically “moved” from speaker to speaker, ambient sound bathes the viewer in atmosphere, and impact can be made to jar audience members from their seats. Professional Home Theater Installation, inclusive of intuitive remote control, décor-enhancing accoutrements, and performance-level components, brings big-screen excitement to your living space.

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