Transportation safety authority (TSA)
When getting on a plane, most people have to go through security first. While the government has good intentions, many people still do not feel like the TSA does much; in fact, many travelers feel harassed and bothered by these government employees.

Insane policies: Unless flying via private jet charter Los Angeles, a person will have to go through a checkpoint and receive treatment like a criminal. For starters, the TSA will pat down a traveler. Often, the agents will pat down an 85 year old grandmother or a five-year old kid. Without a doubt, most people give in as they want to arrive to their destination on time.

Slow: Before going through security, a flyer must wait for a long time. Depending on traffic that day, some people stand for 45 minutes to wait for their turn. This is a serious problem; a smart business traveler should opt for a private jet charter Los Angeles as he or she will not have to wait forever in line.

Rude: Most TSA employees work long hours and have to deal with bureaucracy all day. For this reason, TSA workers are not usually friendly towards customers. This is a huge annoyance to a traveler who already has a stressful day ahead. Anyone who takes a private jet charter Los Angeles will realize that it is wise to avoid commercial airlines and TSA workers by taking a charter flight.

Without a doubt, the TSA tries hard but still leaves travelers frustrated and angry

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